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Repair Service Central AC Systems & How to Install

How to Repair Service Central AC Systems ?

Repair Service central ac for different zones. Central HVAC System can serve more than one thermal zones. Its major devices are located outside of the served zone in a suitable central location. Central HVAC Systems will have as several control points such as thermostat for each zone.

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Air or water may be the energy transfer medium such as: all air system, air water system, all water systems. This system includes heat pumps, heating and cooling panels. Central HVAC System has combined devices in an air handling unit. Which contains supply & return air fans, humidifiers, reheat coil, cooling coil, mixing box, filter and outdoor air.

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All Air Systems Repair Service Central AC System

Air is the medium of heat transfer in all air systems for central HVAC Systems. All air systems can be classified on the base of zone, airflow rate, constant air volume, variable air volume, terminal reheat and dual duct.

1-Single Zone All Air System

A single zone system contains an AHU, a heat source, cooling source, distribution ductwork and proper delivery devices. The AHU can be wholly where heat and cooling source are available. It may be separate where heat and cooling source are detached. This is roof top unit and connected to the ductwork to deliver the conditioned air into several spaces with the same thermal zone. This zone has one control unit such as thermostat located in the zone controls the operation of the system.

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single zone hvac system

2- Multi Zone All Air System

In multi zone, each zone has separate supply air ducts in a building. Cold air & Hot air are mixed at the AHU. A particular zone has its conditioned air which does not affect other zones. This system consists of an AHU with parallel flow paths through cooling coils and heating coils and internal mixing dampers. For more zones we require additional AHU. However, leakage between the decks of air handler may reduce energy efficiency.

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multi zone all air system

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