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How to fix weak ac compressor?

Characteristics of weak air conditioning compressor, how to repair it?

The compressor is an important part found in air conditioning and other cooling electronic devices. Like other components the compressor can sometimes be damaged or just weak. Check it and try how to fix weak ac compressor. The weak point is a decrease in working power causes the compressor to be unable to provide maximum results in the cooling process. The following are the the characteristics of a weak air conditioning compressor.

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air conditioning compressor

1- Unable to cool the room to the maximum due to weak ac compressor

If room temperature starts to feel less cold, apart from being dirty or lack of gas. This maybe due to a weak compressor. We can feel it by touching the evaporator, usually evaporator feels an uneven cold. If the gas pressure is okay but the compressor takes too much load. This indicates that compressor is weak. To fix it, do a freon drain. Discharge freon gas until it runs out to be then re-vacuumed and then refill freon again. If this step does not work then you can also change the compressor oil. You can also add the size of the compressor capacitor. Check the capacitor. Then replace it with new one with recommended size. It helps the compressor work to be even stronger. But if it still does not work it means the compressor is weak or dead and now replace it with new one.

weak ac compressor, damaged ac compressor, dead ac compressor
dead ac compressor

2-Noise Problem, Weak air conditioning compressor creates a lot of unbearable noise, how to fix it?

Weak compressor produces a lot of sound. If the sound produced is noisy. It is possible that your air conditioning compressor is weak. This maybe due to lack of oil pistons. To solve this problem we usually try to add or refill the compressor oil with new oil. As for the piston, you should not need to repair it. You should just replace the compressor with new one, considering that replacing the compressor piston costs a lot of money.

3-Weak ac compressor heats up fast, How to fix it?

Other symptoms that indicates a weak air conditioning compressor is that the compressor heats up very fast. Only turns on for a while but is already very hot. If you find complains like this on your air conditioner. The compressor heats up quickly, chances are that the air conditioning compressor you have is starting to get weak. In this case you should replace the air conditioning compressor with new one.

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