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How to Repair Air conditioning only comes out of wind

How to repair air conditioning when there is no cooling or less cooling

ac not cooling properly, no cooling or less cooling, only winds comes out no cooling
ac not cooling properly

How to repair air conditioning if it not cooling properly. As we all know that air conditioning is one of the important household electronics to cool the room. In its use various problems often occur that cause the air conditioning machine to not function optimally. Not even infrequently, the air conditioning is not cold, only the wind comes out. This particular problem of damage can be caused by several things. Here are some factors that cause air conditioning not cold that you must know.

Freon or Refrigerant Air Conditioning Runs out or Less, How to repair air conditioning in this particular case?

freon charging, gas charging, refrigerant charging, gas refilling
gas charging

First, the cause of the air conditioning is not cooling. Only the winds comes out. It could be because the freon or gas is running out or not enough. Gas that is lacking or depleted can be caused, because there is a leak in the circulation pipe line. Refrigerant air conditioning contains chlorine, hydrogen and broming substances that can make the air conditioner cool. However, if the gas is less than the recommended standard pressure it can produce ice limps on your air conditioning pipes and evaporator.

Clean the dirty air filter

ac dirty filter, ac service needed, deep clean ac service,
dirty ac air filter

Dirty ac filter is a reason of that air conditioning is not cooling properly. In this situation your ac needs deep clean ac service. If the filter is not cleaned regularly so it gets dirty. Even though the air conditioning filter is useful for filtering out impurities in the air conditioning. The way to deal with air conditioning so that it can cool down again: By cleaning the filter in the indoor unit at least 1 time in a week. 1- Open the upper indoor filter cover, then take the air filter. 2- Wash it clean using detergent soap. 3- If so dry it then put it back on.

Compressor Amperage Exceeds the Normal Limit

checking ac compressor ampere, ac compressor current load checking
checking ampere on ac compressor

Air conditioning 1/2 PK is not cold because the capacitor is damaged. If the capacitor is fine it means that the compressor amperage exceeds the normal limit. You can check the amperage using multimeter. Please clamp the jaws of multimeter to the two (-) and (+) cables on the electric current cable in outdoor unit. Don’t forget to position the ampere pliers switch in position A. If the number exceeds the A limit. It means the compressor is weak. The solution is replace your air conditioning with new one air conditioning.

The air conditioning condenser is dirty

dirty condenser of ac, deep clean ac service needed, power jet ac service needed
dirty ac condenser

Dirty ac condenser is one of the reasons that your ac is not cooling properly. Damaged ac condenser can be the caused of no cooling or less cooling. The condenser is located on the outside of the air conditioning that is useful for heating the gas at a certain temperature. Your ac needs regular ac service so that it cols down again. In this Foam ac service is better than normal ac service. If you do not use air conditioning unit for a long period then cover outdoor with clean cloth. So that the condenser doesn’t become the cause of the air conditioning is not cold.

The size of the room does not match the capacity of the air conditioning

room size for ductless ac, suitable size of ac according to room size,
suitable room size for ductless ac

Room size maybe the cause of the new air conditioning is not cooling properly and sufficiently. Preferably, before buying air conditioning measure the room first. If the room is too large and the air conditioning capacity is small. Then it will not cool the room. If you want to get new ac installed then remember some important points. 1/2 PK Air Conditioning is for 3m*3m, 1PK Air Conditioning for 3m*6m room and 2 PK Air Conditioning for 6m*6m room. For better and satisfactory installation you can call expert ac engineers.

Room condition, Door & Windows are often open

Remember when you turn on the air conditioning, you are required not to open the door and windows. Because the door and windows are open slightly. It can affect the room temperature. So it is not as cold as usual. To overcome the air conditioning is not cold, only the winds comes out. You only need to close the door and windows.

Setting remote air conditioning

ac remote setting, ac is not cooling remote setting, remote setting for better ac cooling
ac remote setting

Wrong remote setting maybe the cause of air conditioning is not cooling. If remote setting is not okay the smell comes from the remote air conditioning setting itself. To fix this make sure the mode used is in the cool sign. So that the air conditioning is cold. Do not put it in dry mode or auto mode. Because it only to turn on the fan motor and the outdoor unit does not work receive electricity.

PCB Component is damaged

damaged ac pcb, pcb is not supplying electric current, pcb is not working, checking air conditioning pcb
checking air conditioning pcb

The PCB is the component that provides the electric current power to the air conditioning various parts. So if the PCB board is damaged, this can cause the AC to not cool, just blowing air. To fix it you get repaired or replaced it with new one. We provide the top class ac repairing services in Tri City Chandigarh, India, Panchkula, Mohali, Zirakpur, Dera Jalandhar, Kapurthala, Phagwara, Hoshiarpur, Amritsar, Ludhiana. Repair Guru Service offers best ac maintenance in domestic ac as well as industrial ac. We deal with expert ac installation, repair & service in HVAC, VRV & VRF, Package AC, Central AC, Cassette AC, AHU and Chiller Plants. Our service locations are Dehradun, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, All Over India, Dubai, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia & All Over UAE.

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