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Faults in Window AC

Faults in window ac, cause and their remedy

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window ac problem

There are some common faults in window ac. Due to that our window ac does not work properly and we feel uncomfortable. With the help of expert ac technician. We can remove these all faults in a better and our window ac can be restored in its working condition.

Compressor Doesn’t Start1-Burnt Fuse 2-Thermostat is not ok 3-Overload Protector is not working 4-Broken or damaged wiring 5-Selector switch is not working 6-Burnt relay 7-Starting capacitor is not ok  -1Check & Replace by new fuse 2-Check thermostat by doing short if it works, Replace it 3-Check overload protector or change it 4-Check & correct wiring 5-Check contactor change 6-Replace the relay 7-Check capacitor and replace it
Compressor trips again & again1-Running capacitor is not ok 2-Starting capacitor is weak 3-Head Pressure is too much 4-Overload trips 5-Dirty Capacitor coil 6-Low Voltage1-Check running capacitor and replace it 2-Check starting capacitor or check torque & change it 3-Check discharge line by giving pressure 4-Load is too much, tie takes current check it 5-Clean capacitor 6-Check voltage & use correct stabilizer
AC Running Continuously1-Too much heat load 2-Low refrigerant 3-Compressor’s pumping down 4-Evaporator is frosted 5-Thermostat is not ok 6-Capillary tube choke1-Reduce load, 2-heat dissipation should be low 3-Check & Charge if needed 4-Change piston rings 5-Remove frosting 6- Check Blower 7-Check cut out point of thermostat 8-Check Capillary & Replace it
AC is Running but no cooling1-Thermostat is set on high temperature 2-Exhaust/ Fresh air damper is on 3-Leakage in suction line 4- Low refrigerant 5-Block evaporator fins 6-Low blower speed1-Check thermostat setting 2-Check it & close it if needed 3-Check leakage and repair it 4-Check and charge refrigerant 5-Clean evaporator coil 6-Check speed and change blower if speed is low

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