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AC Repair Service

We use air conditioner like a cooling machine. Dr. Wills H. Carrier invented air conditioner in 1902. AC Repair and Service is must at time to time. We various types of air conditioners like- window ac, single split ac, multisplit ac, central ac, duct ac, single phase ac, 3 phase ac etc. Air conditioner is an electromechanical device. It various electrical, electronics and mechanical parts. So during its working any kinds of faults is possible. If you looking any minor or major faults in your air cooling machine. Immediatly call an ac expert professional or ac mechanic or ac technician or an ac engineer.

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Faults in Window Air Conditioner & Their Cause – AC Repair

  1. Compressor not starting-burnt fuse, damaged thermostat, overload protector not working, damaged or broken wiring, selector switch not working, burnt relay, damaged starting capacitor. 2-Compressor trips-weak running capacitor, weak starting capacitor, high head pressure, low voltage, overload trips, dirty condenser coil. 3-Unit keeps running-high heat load, low refrigerant, damaged thermostat, choked capilary tube, compressor’s pumping down, evaporator frosted. 4- Unit is running but cooling is low- low blower speed, evaporator fins blocked, low refrigerant, leakage in suction line, fresh air damper opened, thermostat is set at high temperature.

Faults in Split Air Conditioner & Their Cause- AC Maintenance

1. AC is not running- faulty main supply, burnt fuse, burnt relay, damaged thermostat, damaged wiring, damaged starting capacitor. 2-Less cooling- choked filters, high temperature setting, leakage in suction line, low refrigerant, low blower speed. 3- Unit trips again and again- low supply voltage, dirty condenser coil, external temperature is low. 4-Noise in indoor unit-blocked water drain line, damaged drain pipe, improper installation of indoor unit, loose blower. 5- Noise in outdoor unit- compressor vibrates, vibration in condenser fan motor, vibration in outer cover, loose fan blades, damaged fan blades. 6-Water leakage- incorrect installation of unit

Installation of Split Air Conditioner- AC Repair Service

First of all unbox the window ac from packing. Check for any kind of physical damage. Now connect the unit to power supply and check for its smooth working. Remove supply lead from cabinet. Drill in cabinet for wing board angle bolts. Put the cabinet in the window with a wood block for safety. Now drill in the window grill. Fix the cabinet in the window. Now put the unit in the cabinet and put main lead in the direction of power socket. Fill the gap between unit and window grill with sponge rubber or plywood. Now connect the unit to power supply and let it run for sometime and check for any kind of vibration. Adjust the grill louvers for uniform air flow.

Installation of Split Air ConditionerAC Service

Very first unbox the units. Check both indoor and outdoor units. Select proper place to install indoor unit. During selection mind the follwing points-No direct reach of sunlight on indoor. Install the indoor unit at least 75 cm from roof. For air circulation at least 3 m wide space around unit. Minimum distance between indoor and outdoor. Sufficiant area for indoor unit repairing. Fix the mounting plate at selected place. Make a proper drill in the wall for suction and discharge pipe line and wire. Set indoor on mounting plate and connect pipes and wires right place. Install outdoor unit at proper place. Create vaccum in compressor and fill refrigerant upto proper level. Connect suction pipe, discharge pipe and wire to the outdoor unit. Tight wire and pipe with tape. Connect system to supply and let it run for sometime to check proper cooling, noise and uniform air flow.