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How to Overcome Electricity Dropping in Air Conditioning

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How to overcome the electricity dropping when the air conditioning is turned on

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Some people have experienced the first time turning on the air conditioning , and the MCB suddenly went down? Or that a few minutes later after turning on the AC, the MCB went down by itself? How to overcome electricity dropping in the various situations? First of all try to know the reasons of this electricity dropping and then go ahead. This happens due to several components of the air conditioning that are no longer normal. This occurs in AC that has been in use for a long time. There has been a short circuit in one of AC components. So if the part is exposed to an electric voltage, your MCB will automatically go down. Components in outdoor unit feel problem like this. As we know that cooling process and all main parts are in outdoor unit of AC. However, this is also not the only cause of the short circuit that causes MCB to drop when AC is on. The other reason maybe the faulty PCB module. PCB is the control circuit center located in indoor unit.

1- High compressor engine amperage exceeds the maximum limit, How to fix it?

ac compressor, air conditioning compressor engine
ac compressor

Ampere can also be called as power. So if ampere is high, it can be interpreted that the power of the compressor engine has exceeded its maximum limit. For example standard ampere for 3/4 PK size is 2.5. Meanwhile, the ampere on the electric MCB is 6 ampere. So if the compressor feels high ampere, the amperage value can be more than 2.5A. And it can also exceed the amperage on the electric MCB. Of course this resulted in the MCB electricity not being strong and eventually going down. So the compressor is taking high amperage, there is no other way but to replace the compressor. Although it can actually be repaired but usually it will not last long.

2- The capacitor is weak resulting in an electrical short, How to repair it?

air conditioning capacitor, ac weak capacitor
ac capacitor

Weak capacitor can also cause a short circuit. For example- the capacitor until there is a lump or burn. The use of the capacitor itself is to store electric current temporarily. The purpose of which is to help move the compressor engine when the AC is first turned on. To fix it we must replace it with new one capacitor. It is recommended to replace it with the same size as your air conditioning capacitor that is already weak.

3- There is a chipped cable in the air conditioning electrical installation

weak cable connection, ac cable connection is not good,
checking ac cable connection

The chipped electrical cable maybe the cause of electricity dropping in air conditioning. There is a chipped cable in the AC electrical installation. This can happen, because the cable is not good or because of a mouse bite. This can also result in a short circuit, if the cable is electrified. Usually this happens in old AC electrical installations or in poor cable connections. To fix it we must check directly the cable in the installation. Check it carefully and if it turns out that the cable is no longer suitable for use. It should be replaced. If you find a cable connection that is not. You should fix it by reconnecting it and adding insulation to make it stronger.

4- The amperage on the electric MCB panel is too small

electric mcb, mcb panel,
electric mcb

If your electric MCB panel uses 6 A, but you use the MCB panel for air conditioning and several other electronic items. Of course using 6A MCB will not be able to meet the electric current needs of all these electronics items. If that is the case, it is better to replace the MCB with a larger Ampere Capacity. So that it can meet the needs of electric current in all these electronic items.

5- The electric power is too low, so it is not enough to operate the air conditioning

The electric power in you house is only 900 Watt and you are using 1 PK AC. Of course this will make the electricity go down. Because the power required for air conditioner with size of 1 PK ranges from 600 to 800 Watt. That does not include your other electronic items such as: Television, Refrigerator, Washing machine and others. Therefore, it is important for those of you who want to use air conditioning to pay attention to how much electricity you are currently using. Do not let you buy AC in your house is not enough. And before you buy air AC you also have to know how much electrical power the Air Conditioning needs. We have to increase the electrical power. Please contact the nearest electricity company. But what you have to remember that the more electricity in your home, the bigger the bill. In addition you can choose AC that saves electricity such as: Air conditioner with inverter technology.

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