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Split AC Service in India, Dubai & UAE

Split Air Conditioner is one of the most using cooling device in the world. We should get our split ac service done regularly. Timely and regularly service enhance the performance and life of this system. Cooling Capacity of split air conditioner is more than window air conditioner. This system has two main parts- 1 -Indoor Unit, 2- Outdoor Unit.

split air conditioner indoor and outdoor unit
split ac indoor and outdoor unit

Split AC Working Method

Working method Split Air Conditioner is like a Normal Air Conditioner. When Room Temperature is High. Thermostat Valve Used in this system starts the compressor. Compressor compresses the refrigerant into vapour with high pressure and high temperature. During entering into condenser coil this compressed vapour convert into liquid. After that this chilled liquid enters into evaporator coil of indoor unit via tubes. This chilled refrigerant absorbs the heat from the air near to the evaporator. That’s why we get cold air and the this refrigerant again evaporates. This refrigerant reaches again into compressor and get compressed again and then circulate in previous manner. This cycle works continuously.

air conditioner working diagram
air conditioner working

How To Perform Split AC Service

When an ac technician performs ac service for split air conditioner he/she should follow some important steps these steps are very compulsory for safety for both ac technician and customer as well as system also.

1- First of all visit outdoor unit and with help of pressure gauge and can top valve check for nitrogen, oxygen and refrigerant. AC Professional can ask the customer if another technician visited there before him.

2- Check all electrical connection and earthing

3- After it Switch on the air conditioner and wait for the compressor getting on. Checkup for cooling and pay attention for any type of error code

4- Now remove the needed parts from indoor and cover it the help of water proof service cover properly

5- Get the power jet pump ready and clean the indoor unit deeply with the help of water jet. One thing should be in mind that jet pressure shouldn’t be too much otherwise it can damage the fins.

6- After cleaning indoor unit properly visit the outdoor unit and clean it properly with the power jet pump.

7- Now reassemble all the removed parts at their respective place and wipe out the indoor unit properly with the help of tissue paper or clean cloth.

8- Reconnect all the connection and switch on the air conditioner again and checkup cooling

9- If in step 1 you found gas level low then according to the need refill the gas and the check the cooling

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