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AC Repair-How to Overcome Noisy Air Conditioning

How to overcome noisy air conditioning- AC Repair

noisy air conditioning, ac is too much loud, air conditioning is creating unbearable noise
ac is too much loud

AC Repair-There are many faults posiibel in an air conditioner during its working. If you offer ac repair services. Then very first you should trace the fault and its cause. How to overcome noisy air conditioning before going ahead we have to know the cause of noise in ac. Noisy air conditioning is very annoying. The strange sound it emits does not just build the atmosphere noisy. But it can make it difficult for us to concentrate, difficult to rest or maybe even more easily grumpy.

What causes noisy air conditioning. During AC Repair how to fix it?

Each air conditioning unit usually uses sound suppression technology to keep noise levels below 55 dB. However, some units may have noise levels still above 55 dB. If at any time you hear an unusual sound form your cooling machine. It can be from indoor or outdoor unit. Make sure you turn off the air conditioning first and then call an expert ac technician to check it. Don’t ignore the noise in the ac. If it is very noisy. Not only because the noise is annoying but you also have to consider the possibilities of more severe damage. If the ac system is continuously turned on and forced to work it. However, there are some common sound that are often heard from air conditioning unit. 1- The sound of air conditioning squeaking or dragging. 2-Sounds like objects colliding. 3- A whistling sound. 4- Air conditioning buzzing and many more

What causes air conditioning to make a squeaking sound?

ac squeaking sound, air conditioning dragging sound, noisy air conditioning, ac making too much sound
noisy air conditioning

When the air conditioning is on turned on. Immediately you will hear a loud squeaking or dragging sound coming from the metal. Which will not stop until the air conditioning is turned off. The cause of noisy air conditioning on this one can be caused by the fan motor bearings that have started to break so they need to be replaced with new one air conditioning fan motor.

Sounds like metal crashing

Why the air conditioner makes a crashing sound. Due to damaged refrigerant pump support spring, damaged compressor fan. If you hear a loud noise in outdoor unit, turn off it. It could be because the internal compressor spring has started to lose its capacity. Inside the air conditioning compressor which pumps the refrigerant. It has spring. If spring is damaged then pump is not supported. When pump is running noise is usually not heard. Because when operating this momentum will make the air conditioning sound as if there is no problem. Causing the pump to wobble and hit the compressor casing. That is what creates the crashing sound. If the crash is heard when the ac is turned on, the problem may be with the fan. Because parts of the condenser fan can come off and collide with the wall of the outdoor unit or casing.

Whistling Sound- AC Repair

ac whistling sound, ac making noise, ac whistling too much, whistling coming form air conditioning
air conditioning whistling

If you hear the air conditioner makes a high pitched whistling sound for 10-15 minutes after the ac is first turned on. It means the air conditioning will turn off more often than turn on again. If the air conditioning compressor experiences too high refrigerant pressure in that case the ac can whistle loudly. Some air conditioning units have sensors that can shut down the system. If it detects the internal pressure level is too high. The sensor will turn off and turn on the air conditioning continuously if the refrigerant pressure is too high.

Buzzing Sound AC Repair

The buzzing sound in the air conditioner is usually a constant sound it the condenser whether the unit is working or not. The cause could be due to electrical problems in the system or it could be due to other factors such as: 1- Condenser Fan Motor– If the outdoor fan does not run while the inside blower is running. You will hear a buzzing sound in the condenser section. 2-Damage to the thermostat or contactor relay switch- The contactor relay switch is a low voltage switch located on the inside of the condenser. This switch is controlled by a thermostat. If the switch or thermostat is damaged the conditioner will make a buzzing sound. 3-The electrical connection between the parts is broken- Loose or broken electrical connections can cause an electric arc which will make the air conditioner buzzing.

Noisy Air Conditioning Repair

1-Loose Bolts-

ac making noise due to loose bolts, loose bolts cause noisy air conditioning
air conditioning loose bolts

If the bolts are loose the air conditioning will automatically vibrate when operating. You can easily solve this air conditioning problem by tightening loose bolts.

2- Loose air conditioning belt– Looseness can not only occur in bolts. The belt in air conditioning can also experience loosening if it has been used for a long period pf time. You can overcome the noise that comes out due to a loose air conditioning belt by replacing it with new one.

3- Uneven Placement of Air Conditioning- The outdoor unit and indoor unit must be placed in a flat place so that the can work optimally or so that they are not easily damaged. Especially for outdoor units, apart from being attached to the wall. This unit will usually also be mounted using a bracket. If the air conditioner is installed on a bracket or the wall is uneven. It can cause the air conditioner to be noisy every time it turns on. To fix this you just need to move the unit to a flat place or level the bracket. So that the air conditioning machine can work normally. If you are having trouble in identifying the source of the sound. Do not hesitate to call a professional air conditioning technician. Who will help you find the cause of the problem and fix it.

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