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Window AC vs Split AC

Window Air Conditioning vs Split Air Conditioning

window ac vs split ac, difference between window air conditioning and split air conditioning,
window ac vs split ac

Here we are going to know window ac vs split ac. As we know that in hot areas of the world many people use air conditioners to cool down the temperature of their houses. If the room temperature is too high then there is a lot of suffocation in the room and we cannot feel comfort. But we can treat this with the help of air conditioning units or cooling machines. At domestic level we use two types of air conditioners such as: Window Air Conditioning & Split Air Conditioning. We can use these air conditioners in offices also. Here we are going to know the difference between window air conditioning and split air conditioning. As we know that all the people in this world can afford this cooling machine. Because its fix cost and running cost is too high.

Window Air Conditioning vs Split AC

Window ac is a single unit cooling machine. It is smaller in size. Some important points related to window ac are such as:- 1-It is a single unit cooling system. 2- It creates a lot of noise. 3- There is no duct in it. 4- We can’t check pressure in this unit. 5-It has Single fan motor with double shaft. 6- It is installed in window or wall. 7- Maximum of the Refrigerant goes useless during repairing. 8- There is no service valve in it. 9-It requires Low quantity of gas. 10- We cannot pump down. 11- Its cooling capacity is less than Split AC. Window ac are of two types 1- General Window AC 2- Through The Wall Window AC

window ac , window air conditioning, window air conditioner
window ac

Split Air Conditioning vs Window AC

outdoor unit installation, look of outdoor unit in split ac.
split ac outdoor unit look

Air Conditioning is most popular cooling machine. This cooling machine is installed where window ac can’t be installed. Remember some important points related to split ac. 1- This system has two unit one indoor unit and other outdoor unit. 2- It creates very less noise. 3- It has duct able unit. 4- In this system pressure can be checked easily. 5- Separate fans are used for indoor and outdoor unit. 6- We can install it on the wall, in the ceiling or on the floor. 7- We can be repair it without wasting gas. 8- It has service valve. 9- It requires more gas to charge. 10- We can pump down this system in need. 11- Its cooling capacity is more than window ac. 12- It looks beautiful after satisfactory installation.

split ac indoor unit, look of indoor unit of split ac,
indoor unit looks of split ac

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