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Essential Tools For Air Conditioning Repairing

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To perform air conditioning repair and refrigerators complete tools are compulsory. Here we are going to know about ac repairing tools. Incomplete tools can results in unsatisfactory repair results or can exacerbate damage to the cooling system. Basically the equipment for repairing air conditioning and refrigerator is more or less the same. Because the working system of the air conditioner and refrigerator is the same. The only difference is the type of freon and the compressor. In repairing the air conditioning and refrigerator cooling system, you must understand

The Important Repairing Tools AC. Thermometer You Need To Repair Air Conditioner

digital thermometer

The Thermometer measures temperature. The working of the thermometer is based on the effects of expansion and contraction by mercury. Digital thermometer in checking does not use mercury, but uses a heat sensor and shows the result in digits number. The digital model thermometer is more accurate in its measurement. How to read a thermometer that we often use to check air conditioning and refrigerator machines. There are 2 types of scales namely Celsius scale & Fahrenheit scale. To measure the temperature in the refrigerator such as in a refrigerator or freezer, you can use a thermometer that has bulb with a long capillary tube. The thermometer is usually a manual model. Meanwhile, the digital model thermometer only has a sensor or bulb. By placing it on the refrigerator and you can read the temperature from outside.

Power Jet Pump For Washing Air Conditioning

power jet pump for washing air conditioning

There are 2 kinds of tools for washing air conditioning that you need to have

1- A high pressure steam engine whose function is to wash the indoor unit or evaporator and the outdoor unit or the condenser unit.

2- Steam air conditioning plastics cover. This plastic serves to accommodate water used for washing the air conditioning unit which is the dirty after being exposed to various kinds of dirt or dust.

Dental Mirror Tool For Finding Leakage in Air Conditioner System.
dental mirror for finding leakage

We use this tool to find if there is a leak in a place that is very difficult to see directly.

Gauge manifold is one of most important ac repairing tools for Air Conditioner repair
gauge manifold ac repairing tools
gauge manifold

This is one of the repairing tools used to measure the pressure on the freon in air conditioning system. On the manifold gauge, we can see only the evaporator pressure or suction pressure. We can see the condenser pressure also. These are of 2 types including 2-pass manifold gauge and 4- pass manifold gauge. It consists of two sides namely: the low pressure side and the high pressure side. The gauge which is a 2- pass model has two valves whose function is to regulate the flow of the freon. The valve is on the low pressure and the red valve is on the high pressure side. The freon from the compressor output side will pass through the red connecting hose into gauge manifold and exit to the vacuum pump through the yellow side connecting hose.

Vacuum Pump is also one of very important ac repairing tools

vacuum pump ac repairing tools
vacuum pump air conditioning repair tool

We use this tool to empty the freon from the cooling system. It can remove non-condensable gases like water vapour or air. If there is too much moisture in the air conditioning engine. The water vapour can shorten the life of the filter drier, special blockage on the low pressure side. Gases & non-condensable water vapour in the system can hinder the transfer of heat in the evaporator and condenser, increase the output pressure. The water can cause of scale, corrosion and lubricant in the air conditioning cooling system. Vacuum pump must be able to empty up to a pressure of 20 to 50 micron of mercury for properly and correctly vacuum. The pressure gauge scale should be from 5 to 500 micron of mercury. Pump the system for approximately 30 minutes. The manifold gauge should show a reading of 30 inches or 760 mmHg/ 0 millibars.

Multimeter Tool For Air Conditioner Repair

multimeter ac repairing tools

This is one of the most important tools for air conditioning repairing. We can use this tool for measuring various quantities related to air conditioning such as electric current, electric voltage, resistance etc.

Leak Detector Tool For Air Conditioning Repairing

leak detector

One of the damages is due to leak. To detect this leak you can use Electronic Freon Leak Detector. If you don’t have this, you can done it in a conventional way. You can use ordinary nitrogen gas. We can use this for leaks because this gas has an inert nature that is not flammable. In the air conditioning cooling system. It is first filled with high pressure nitrogen gas. Now with soapy water find out where the leak is. The soapy water will later bubble if there is a leak. Then remove nitrogen gas using vacuum system before refilling gas. And usually we use soapy water directly to check for leaks even though the system still contains freon.

Tube Cutter Tool For Air Conditioning Repair
tube cutter/ copper pipe cutter

We use this tool for cutting copper tube. The most important thing is to note is that when cutting the pipe do not let used pieces get into the engine’s air conditioning cooling system. Because it can damage the cooling system. To cut the tube with tube cutter first insert the pipe between roller and cutting wheel.

Freon Or Refrigerants Used in Air Conditioner Repair
freon or refrigerants

These are most important air conditioning repairing tool. There are three types of freon are used in air conditioning cooling system such as R22, R32 & R410a. In chiller plants water also used as cooling factor. In a particular cooling system a particular refrigerants is used recommended by makers.

Swaging Tool & Flaring Tool For Air Conditioning Repair
ac repairing tools box
swaging tool & flaring tool

This tool serves to enlarge the end of the pipe. So that 2 pipes that have the same diameter can be connected with tin solder, copper welding and silver welding. Flaring tool functions as a pipe end developer so that it can be connected with threaded connections or flare fitting. This flaring tools consists of 2 blocks which are joined together with bolts and butterfly bolts or other names are wing nut.

Tube Bender Toll Air Conditioning Repair

ac repairing tools, pipe bender
tube bender

This tool is used to bend air conditioning, freezer and refrigerator pipes so that they are not easily flattened or not easily damaged. Usually that is often used to bend gas pipes in the cooling system. These are of two types inside spring bending and outside spring bending.