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Window AC Service

Window AC Service

It is a device which is used in summer season to cool down the temperature of any enclosed space. Window ac service is important for better performance. Air Conditioner was invented by Dr. Willis H. Carrier in 1902. Gradually improvement getting place in this field and Modern Air Conditioner came into light. With the help of Air Conditioner we can cool any enclosed space by controlling the temperature of air, moisture of air & flow of air. Window AC is look like a box as shown in the figure

window ac

Construction Of Window AC

In window ac all important parts of air conditioning are assembled in one unit. We call window ac as self contained unit also.

window ac internal construction

Window AC Service in India, Dubai, Qatar, Saudi Arabia & UAE

During performing window ac service an ac technician should follow the following steps-

1- First of all check the ac connection for power supply

2- Now switch on the air conditioner and wait for compressor getting on

3- Check the cooling

4- Switch off the power supply and disconnect the ac wire from stabilizer on power point

5- Remove filter and grill from front of air conditioner and then remove air conditioner from fixed cover(cover mounted in the window) carefully

6- Now get the power jet pump ready and start deep clean ac service and remove all the dust and debris from air conditioner. Wash all the parts of air conditioner that are washable. Clean the filter with water jet. Clean the grill with water properly.

7- After washing all the parts clean the water from the parts with the cloth and paper.

8- After deep cleaning reinstall the air conditioner at the same place. Reconnect all the power supply connections. And again checkup ac cooling.

window ac before deep clean ac service
window ac after deep clean ac service

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