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We deal with Quality AC Repair Services. Our Highly Trained & Well Experienced Professionals visit at your doorstep within time. Repair Guru Service delivers the job timely. Window air conditioner is a compact cooling system. All the essential parts are assembled in one unit. Some important parts of window ac are-

window air conditioner parts name with image
window ac parts name

Parts of Window AC, Parts Knowledge is Most Compulsory For Window AC Repair

Window ac has many parts in one unit. Window ac is compact form air conditioning. It is available in size as 0.5 to 3 Ton


ac compressor, air conditioning compressor
ac compressor

Rotary compressor is used in modern window air conditioners. Low Power Consumption with less noise. It send refrigerant to condenser in compressed form with high pressure and temperature.

Condenser Coil

window ac condenser coil, window air conditioning condenser
window ac condenser coil

Fins Type Condenser is fitted in window ac. It converts refrigerant vapour into liquid and transfers the heat of refrigerant to the atmosphere.

Evaporator Coil

Finned Evaporator is fitted in window ac. It is main parts of cooling. Chilled refrigerant presented in the evaporator absorbs heat from surroundings. That’s why the refrigerant converts into vapour and air near to the evaporator becomes cool.

Air Filter

window ac filter, window air conditioning filter
window ac filter

It filters the air coming into the window ac from outside.

Blower & Fan

window ac blower & fan, window air conditioning blower and fan
window ac blower and fan

These two things maintain the air flow between evaporator and condenser. Blower sends cold air into room and fan sends hot air outside. A separator separates blower and fan.

Control Panel

window ac control panel, window air conditioning pcb
window ac pcb

We can on or off window ac or we can adjust temperature, fan speed, ac mode with the help of control panel

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Get your ac repaired by expert professionals. We offer genuine ac repair service at genuine price. Super fast delivery of services with honesty. Our Service areas are Chandigarh, Panchkula, Baddi, Mohali, Zirkapur, Dera Bassi, Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Maharashtra, Mumbai, Delhi, India. We offer top class ac repair service in Dubai, Qatar, Kuwait & Saudi Arabia & UAE.