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How to Repair AC When The Air Conditioning is Totally Dead

How to repair ac when it is totally dead

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How to repair ac in a better way before going ahead. It most compulsory to know the cause of totally dead air conditioning. Finding the cause of the completely dead air conditioning is certainly not an easy task. Especially since we do not have special expertise in this field. However if you an air conditioning technician. It will be very easy to complete this job. The damage to the air conditioning is totally dead, actually it is also not an easy damage to find the point of the problem. This means that to overcome this, extraordinary accuracy is needed, the article must be examined one by one between one component and another. Of course you also want to know how to fix the completely dead air conditioning, right? Or do you just want to find out what the cause is, so you will have your own idea of why the air conditioning you have is off and cannot be turned on using the remote or manually.

How to repair ac when The electric MCB in your house goes down

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MCB down

The first thing we need to check when we find air conditioning is completely dead. Checking on the electrical MCB panel. AS we all know, the MCB has a role as an electric current liaison between the air conditioning and the path of the electric current source in your home. If the MCB is in down position. There will be no electric current entering the air conditioning unit. So the air conditioning cannot be turned on or completely off. Why did this happen? There are many reasons but the most common we encounter are: The MCB ampere is too small or because the electrical power cannot be sufficient for the over all electricity demand. So make sure the MCB is in the UP position and the amperage is sufficient. Make sure that the electrical power is your home is sufficient to meet the overall electricity needs in your home even if you are turning on the air conditioning

There is a broken or burned power supply cable

If there is no problem with MCB. Now do check on the power supply cable. This check includes all cables from the source of the electric current to the air conditioning unit. Including the socket if indeed your air conditioning uses an outlet. Make sure there are no broken wires or relays. By looking at it using a tespen, and making sure the electric current enters perfectly. Make sure the input voltage is 220 b=volts. If you have checked and in that section there is no problems. Now we continue to check the other sections

Check on the PCB Module

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air conditioning pcb

PCB module is an electronic component which functions to control the work of the of the air conditioning unit. In it there are various kinds of components , ranging from small to large. Check carefully and make sure that none of the components are burnt or that it does not smell like something is burning. To do this requires special skills. You must really master about electronic components. However, you do not have expertise in this area specifically. You can also ask for help from an air conditioning expert professional or someone who understands PCB electrical circuit. In essence, the air conditioning is completely dead because there is no electric current flowing to the air conditioning unit. So the air conditioning can’t be turned on using remote or manually.

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