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How to Perform Split AC Repair

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split ac indoor unit repairing

Before performing split ac repair one ac technician should know about split air conditioner’s parts. Air conditioning is an electronic device that can be used to cool the temperature of an enclosed space. At homes or in offices we can easily find this one electronic device. The hot air temperature makes many people install air conditioning for comfort when they are at home. Just like other electronic devices air conditioner is also very prone to damage. The causes of air conditioning damages are very diverse, ranging from production defects to human error. Now we will explain about how to repair a damaged air conditioner easily and quickly. Before starting to do ac repair. You have to analyze the damage to the air conditioning. There are so many parts of the air conditioning system.

Check the Cleanliness During Split AC Repair

checking cleanliness of air cooling system
checking cleanliness of ac

The first thing you should do if the air conditioning is no longer cold is to check the cleanliness of the air conditioning. If the air conditioner is dirty the cold air produced will automatically decrease. To keep your air conditioning durable you should do regular air conditioning cleaning once every 3 months.

Check Outdoor Fan & Fan Motor Split AC

split ac repair outdoor fan checking
outdoor fan repairing

As we know every split ac always equipped with an outdoor fan. Sometimes this fan does not work properly. This can be happen due to weak capacitor or damaged fan motor. Steps of checking outdoor fan motor are very easy. You just turn on the air conditioning system then check if the outdoor fan is still spinning properly or not. If not, turn off your air conditioning. Then disassemble the outdoor fan. Usually there is a broken cable connection or there is a problem with the components in it, burning motor and others.

Check The Capacitor of Air Conditioning System

ac repair, capacitor checking
ac repairing

Every air conditioner is always equipped with a component called a capacitor. These components have a shape like a tube. Please check if the components looks abnormal or bulging. If so, please replace it with a new capacitor. Then check again whether the air conditioner is back to normal or not.

Checking Spark Gap in Air Conditioning Repair

May be most of you are still unfamiliar with the air conditioning component called spark gap. In air conditioning this part has a shape like coin. Check the condition of the part whether it is burned or split. If so then you have to replace it with a new spark gap. Repair Guru Service offers reliable and quick ac repair for all types of air conditioners of all brands. Our expert engineers team will restore your cooling system to the proper working conditions. 24 hours doorstep emergency service. Timely responsive team of expert professionals.