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Faults Related To Split AC

Troubleshooting of split ac faults

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split ac indoor unit

Here we are going to know about the split ac faults with their troubleshooting. As we know that split ac is most popular cooling machine in the world. We can use this machine for domestic as well as industrial use. This cooling system has two parts namely 1- Indoor unit and 2- Outdoor unit. This machine contains various parts such as: blower, blower motor, evaporator, PCB electrical path, air filter, condenser, compressor engine, outdoor fan motor and many more other essential parts for its smooth functioning. Sometimes our cooling machine does not cool our room properly due to various kinds of faults created in this system. So we should know about the faults, their cause and remedy.

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split ac parts

Split Air Conditioner Defects With Cause And Remedy

Here we are going to discuss about faults in split air conditioners with cause and remedy. If you are not an expert in ac repairing then you should call an expert ac technician for removal of defects in your cooling machine namely split ac.

1- AC is Not Running

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ac in not running
1-Faulty Main Supply 2-Burnt Fuse 3-Burnt Relay 4-Damaged Thermostat 5- Damaged Wiring 6-Starting Capacitor is not ok1-Check Main supply and repair or replace it 2-Replace fuse with new one 3- Replace the relay 4- Replace thermostat 5- Check wiring and repair it 6-Check Capacitor & Replace it
cause of ac is not running with remedy

2-Less Cooling or No Cooling-

ac is not cooling, ac is cooling less
no cooling
1-Chocked Filter 2- High Temperature Setting 3- Leakage in Suction Line 4- Refrigerant Level is Low 5- Low Blower Speed1-Clean filter or Replace if needed 2- Set proper Temperature 3- Check leakage and Repair it 4- Check Refrigerant level and Charge if needed 5- Check Blower speed and change if needed
cause of low cooling or no cooling
3- AC Trips Again And Again-
ac tripping, ac dripping, ac in not working smoothly
ac tripping problem
1-Low Voltage Supply 2- Dirty Condenser Coil 3- Low Outer Temperature1-Check supply voltage and use stabilizer 2-Clean condenser coil 3- If outer temperature is less than 18 degree Celsius, AC Trips again and again, Switch off the unit
ac trips again and again

4-Indoor Unit Creates a lot of Noise-

ac is making a noise, indoor unit creating noise
ac is making noise
1-Closed Water Drain line 2- Damaged Drain Pipe 3- Wrong Installation of indoor unit 4- Loose blower 5- Damaged Blower 6- Loose bolts1-Check drain line and clean it 2-Check drain pipe and replace it 3-Install correctly 4- Tighten the blower 5- Replace the blower 6-Tighten the bolts
indoor unit creates noise

5- Outdoor Unit Creates Noise-

outdoor unit whistling noise, ac outdoor unit is making noise, split ac faults
ac whistling
1-Compressor vibrates 2- Vibration in Compressor fan motor 3-Vibration in Outdoor covers 4-Loose Fan Blades 5- Damaged Fan Blades 6- Damaged Fan Motor1-Tighten Base Bolts and Rubber 2- Tighten Fan Motor Clamp 3- Tighten Outdoor Cover Screws 4- Check and Tight it 5- Change Fan Blades 6- Replace Fan Motor
outdoor unit creates noise

6- Water Leakage Problem-

ac water leakage, ac water leak, water leakage problem, split ac faults
water leakage problem
1-Wrong Installation 2-Drain Blockage 3-Damaged Blower Drain Tray 4- Damaged Water Tray1-Do correct installation 2-Clean Drain line and Drain Pipe 3-Replace the indoor unit or Complete System 4-Repalce indoor unit or system
water leakage problem

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