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Cause of No Cooling Less Cooling AC Repair

no cooling or less cooling, air conditioner system is not cooling, ac is running but no cooling
no cooling or less cooling

If air conditioning system shows no cooling less cooling. Then it is compulsory to check it in a proper way. Just like other electronic devices air conditioning also can be damaged at any time. The damaged that is usually experienced by air conditioning at this time is that it can’t cool anymore. The question is what can cause the air conditioning to malfunction? Here are some things that can cause the air conditioning to malfunction and can’t cool anymore

Electrical Short Circuit

ac pcb, ac electrical cable path
air conditioner pcb

One of the things that can cause the air conditioning to not cool or break is due to an electrical short circuit. As we all know that in an air conditioner there are many cables and complicated PCB paths. If there is one cable that has been peeled off and stuck other cable. So this will cause an electrical short circuit so that the air conditioner is damaged. Of course if the cable or electrical path is broken then air conditioning system will not be able to cool the room. Check the electrical path properly and carefully and repair it according to the need.

Unstable Power Supply

The air conditioner does not cool due to an unstable electrical voltage. It is no secret that the electricity voltage in many developing countries often fluctuates. Actually this can not only damage the air conditioning but other electronic devices are also easily damaged because of it. An unstable electrical voltage can cause electronic component like capacitor, fuse, diode, LVT etc. Check the components and replace or repair it.

No Cooling Less Cooling Because of a Lot of Dust

no cooling or less cooling due to dirty ac, a lot of dust causes no cooling or less cooling
dirty ac

Too much dust in indoor and outdoor units is can be the cause of no cooling or less cooling in air conditioning system. A lot of dust can be deposited in air conditioning system due to no cleaning for a long period. As we all know that when air conditioning works by pulling and spitting out air. Of course the air that goes in and out keeps a lot of dust. The dust can stick to the body of air conditioner causing air circulation to be not smooth. The dust sticks to the indoor evaporator and outdoor condenser. The amount of dust and dirt will make the air conditioner unbale to cool. We offer best deep clean ac service, power jet ac service, Foam ac service & dry ac service.

Freon or Refrigerant Runs out Causing No Cooling or Less Cooling

One more thing that can cause the air conditioning to not cool is because the freon pressure in it is reduced or exhausted. Exhausted freon pressure can also be the caused by a leak. Lack of freon will definitely cause the air conditioning no cooling or less cooling. Apart from these things there are several other factors that make air conditioning not cold such as damaged thermistor, weak capacitor, room is too large etc. Repair Guru Service offers top class ac repair for no cooling or less cooling. Enjoy the best ac repair service at your doorstep. Our expert professionals will remove all the faults at genuine price. Expert Engineers’ team will restore your cooling system to the proper working condition. We offer honest and reliable regular ac repair in tricity Chandigarh, India.

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