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Indicator Light Flashing No Cooling AC Repair

ac light blinking but no cooling ac needs repair,
ac light blinking

Ac repair when indicator light is flashing but air conditioning is not cooling. The latest air conditioning is always equipped with an LED. Through the LED we can find out whether the air conditioning can function normally or is having problems. Usually the problematic air conditioning is indicated by a flashing indicator light. There are 2 cause of why the indicator light is blinking: 1- freon pressure runs low, 2- Faulty electronic components like thermistor. Any brand of ac must be equipped with Freon and Thermistor. Repair the fault occurred in the cooling system and restore it to optimum working condition. We offer complete ac solution in Tri City Chandigarh, India. Get your cooling system repaired by expert engineers. Repair Guru Service provides best ac repair in Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala & all over India. We offer reliable ac repair in Dubai & UAE.

The Air Conditioning Light Flashes Because it Lacks Freon

ac gas leakage problem, ac gas leak repair.
ac gas leakage

The first cause of the air conditioning light blinking is due to insufficient freon pressure. This problem happens mainly in inverter type air conditioners. To solve this problem you need to do regular checks and cleaning. Get your cooling system cleaned form various kinds of dust, dirt and debris by expert professionals. If indeed the freon is running out you can refill it to increase the needed freon supply. Lack of refrigerant pressure can also be caused by a leak although this rare. In general this problem occurs due to dirty air conditioning.

The AC Light is Blinking Because The Thermistor is Faulty

room temperature sensor, ac thermistor
ac sensor
ac thermistor

AC light can blink due to faulty thermistor. This components is very influential on the overall air conditioning performance. To fix it you have to disassemble the air conditioning and find the thermistor components in the cooling system module circuit. If it has been found please check it by using a multimeter. If it is damaged then remove it and replace it by new one. Remember you should also check other components. It may possible that flashing of indicator light is not due to faulty thermistor but other parts such as ELCO or fan motor. If you are looking for best and reliable ac repair at genuine price. Your search ends here. We are one of the best ac repair leading companies. Repair Guru Service offers top class ac repair in Tri City Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali, India. We offer best ac repair in Dubai & UAE.

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