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How To Use Air Conditioning To Save Electricity

How to use air conditioning to save electricity

optimum use of air conditioner to reduce electricity bill, how to set ac to reduce electricity bill.
how to set ac to reduce electricity bill

It is very compulsory to know that how to use air conditioning to save electricity. It feels uncomfortable if our activities are often indoors but do not use air conditioner. Not only does it provide comfort so that we feel at home for a long in a room. AC is also known as a tool to regulate effective air circulation. So that the air we breathe remains clean and healthy. Besides comfort there are impacts that we really do not like such as : The amount of electric power used. So this will make our expenses excessive to pay electricity bills. But do not worry. Because here we are going to explain some tips on using air conditioning to save electricity bills. Of course this will reduce your expenses to pay electricity bills.

Determine the size of the air conditioning according to the size of the room, How to use air conditioning to save electricity

Air conditioners are available in the market in various size like 3/4 ton, 1 ton, 1.5 ton etc. The size of the air conditioning must match the size of the room where the air conditioner will be installed. Don’t let the air conditioning capacity is too small, so that the cold is not optimal. If the size of air conditioning is too large the electrical power required will increase.

Place the air conditioner in a closed space or room

Placing air conditioner in a closed room is also one step to save air conditioning electrical power. Because if it is placed in an open space or a door that is often open. Then it will require a long machine work to cool the room. So the machine will can not be stand by and will continue to flame. Of course this will require more electrical power. Except if the room is for public place like: office, people will definitely come and go. This is of course very unlikely, if you want to save electricity on the air conditioning.

Set the temperature as needed

The standard temperature setting on the remote air conditioning is 20 degree Celsius. Because is the temperature is too low, it can cause the engine to die quickly or freeze. So that the compressor will also turn on more often, when the compressor is on, it requires more electrical power than when the engine is running continuously. But this does not mean you cannot set the temperature below 20 degree Celsius. You can use the lowest temperature so that your room cools faster. Then later if it feels cold you just increase the temperature.

Clean the air filter once a week, How to use air conditioning to save electricity

We recommend that you wash the air filter in the room once a week. It helping the air conditioning stay cool and save electricity. This is done so that the air in the room remains clean & healthy. You can open the upper indoor casing. Then you take the filter. Then you wash it with soap. After cleaning do not forget to dry it first. After its dry you plug it back in.

Perform maintenance every 3 months 1 time

This is usually underestimated by air conditioning users. Because your air conditioning is still cold. So you do not do maintenance. Even though it is time for treatment. In addition to preventing premature damage cleaning the air conditioning regularly can also save the electricity. Because if the air conditioner is dirty, the work of the machine will be heavy. And the electrical power required will also be higher. We recommend washing the air conditioning in residential homes once every 3 months while for offices once every 2 months. However, if the air conditioning area allows the air conditioning to get dirty quickly, for example: on the roadside, it better to wash the air conditioner once every 2 months and once ever 1 month for the offices.

Do not smoke in a room that uses air conditioning

Smoking in a room that uses air conditioning, and at that time the air conditioning is turned on can make the air conditioning dirty quickly. If the air conditioner is dirty it can require more electricity. In addition you can pollute the air you breathe. Therefore avoid smoking when the air conditioning is turned on so that you can save more electricity for air conditioning.

Gunakan air conditioning sesuai kebutuhan

That is, turn on the air conditioning if you are in the room and the door to your room must be tightly closed. Don’t let the air conditioning stay on when you are not in the room. Therefore, make sure the air conditioning and all other electronic equipment you have are turned off if you want to leave the room. These are some tips for using air conditioning to save electricity that you can try to practice in your home. Basically air conditioning requires a high amount of electricity the first time you turn it on. Later if the air conditioning has been running for a few minutes. The electrical power needed by the air conditioning will decrease.

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