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How to Repair a Hot Air Conditioning Compressor

How to Repair a Hot Air Conditioning Compressor

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How to repair a hot air conditioning compressor, As we all know that air conditioning compressor is the heart of air conditioner. Without it ac is nothing. Better cooling depends upon proper working of compressor. Of the many problems with air conditioner excessive heat in the compressor including complaints of air conditioning which is quite heavy. Although there is an overload protector is installed on the compressor. This part does not guarantee that the compressor will be safe from damage. It is precisely h=the heat of the compressor that will cause damage to the overload protector. Usually overheating can be caused by unstable or high compressor amperes. And the cause of high compressor amperage can also be caused by several factors. Then how to repair a hot air conditioning compressor? Here are some explanations

Cool The Compressor Using a Wet Cloth

Many of the air conditioning repairing professionals do this if the find compressor heat complaints. You only need to remove the casing of the outdoor unit while in window ac you need to disassemble whole air conditioning from back side where the compressor is located. The compress the compressor with wet damp cloth or pour chilled water on the compressor until it is completely cold. If you need to remove the bulkhead that separates the compressor from the fan motor. This method is very useful so that the wind from the fan motor can directly cool the compressor while it is working.

Steps How To Repair a Hot Air Conditioning Compressor Remove a Little Freon From Air Conditioning

Heat in the compressor can also be caused by high freon pressure. Actually the high pressure is not due to the freon (Refrigerant). But rather due to the large amount of wind in the internal circulation. Hence removing the a little freon can reduce the pressure on the compressor working system. This will reduce the compressor amperage.

Replace a Capacitor With a New One Capacitor

Capacitors can also make the amperage on the compressor higher. Remember one of the causes of hot compressor can be caused by high amperes. However, you should check the capacitor using multimeter so that the measurement or checking is more accurate. If the capacitor is damaged or weak the replace it with new one because it is not repairable unit.

Wash The Outdoor Unit Especially on The Condenser Pipe

The Condenser Pipe works to dissipate heat in the compressor. If the grille on the compressor pipe is too dirty. It can cause the compressor to heat up quickly. This is due to the hot temperature that cannot completely removed by the fan in the outdoor unit of air conditioning.

If The Steps Above Do Not Work, Immediately Contact An Air Conditioning Expert Technician

This is the last step you should do. Let the air conditioning technician help you. If it is still hot, it means your compressor is weak and cannot be used anymore. Immediately replace the compressor with new one. Because weak compressor can be caused of big bang. Repair Guru Service Chandigarh, India Offers top class Air Conditioning Repairing. Our best and expert technicians will overhaul you cooling system. We provide best & reliable ac repair & ac service at your doorstep. We guarantee our work. Our Company offers all air conditioner services with warranty. We deal with all kinds of air conditioners of all brands.

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