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How to Charge Freon or Refrigerant Air Conditioning

How to Charge Freon Air Conditioning

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Before going further that how to charge freon or refrigerant air conditioning. We should know about the freon. There are three types of freon that are popular for use as a cooling gas in air conditioning namely R22, R32 and R410. These all three refrigerant gases have different gas density levels. Not only that, the way the filling procedure is different from one another. Not how to fill in, but how the provisions and matters relating to the filling process. Air conditioning with freon R22 is easier to fill. Because R22 is a type of freon that is not sensitive to dirt and water. Meanwhile R32 & R410 types freon are very sensitive to dust and water. Even though only a small amount enters it will effect the working process of the air conditioning. The pipe sizes used are also different. R32 & R410 requires thicker pipes than R22. Pipe size for R22 is 0.50mm while pipe size for R32 & R410 is at least 0.55mm to 0.60 mm. Before refilling freon vacuum is must. So that there is no more dirt and water in the pipes.

Tools Required For Refilling Freon or Refrigerant

Before charging freon ac technician should conform the recommended freon. You have to charge the recommended freon in a particular air conditioning. One ac technician should have following tools for refilling freon such as vacuum pump, screwdrivers, pliers, wrench, test pen, manifold gauge, can top valve etc.

freon charging tools, tools required for refrigerant charging,
freon charging tools

How to Charge Freon, Attach The Gauge Manifold To The Compressor Inlet or Outdoor

First open the valve cover and then attach the manifold hose to the compressor. After attaching the one gauge manifold hose to the compressor and second hose to the freon tube. For R32 & R 410 types, you should also prepare the manifold end connection according to the valve size on the R32 & R410 freon air conditioning types. Because the size of the end of the hose will be bigger that freon R22. The installation of the hose leading to the compressor must match, which means the hose connected to the freon filling on the gauge manifold must be correct. Because if you make the wrong hose the needle on the gauge manifold will not move. When the manifold gauge hose is installed, open the loop in the freon gas cylinder with the valve position open.

Do The Freon Filling Slowly

Do not make hasten in filling the freon. Fill it slowly. Open the manifold gauge valve and watch manifold needle rise. Do not fill up too fast. Do not open the gauge manifold valve completely. Just open it slightly. Hold it for while then close it again. Do this filling carefully, just relax, no need to rush. When the charge is at 30 to 40 PSI. The air conditioning pipe will release ice, but there is no need to panic because it is normal. Just keep filling it until the ice flower is gone. Because later when the needle is above 40 PSI the ice in the air conditioning pipe will disappear itself.

The Freon Pressure is Adjusted to The Size of The Air Conditioning PK, & The Compressor Amperage

checking compressor amperage, checking fan motor amperage,
checking compressor amperage

Before you decide how much freon pressure will fill. It is better if you know in advance the PK size of the air conditioner. You can use ampere pliers, this is don, so you know the maximum ampere limit from the air conditioning. So you can adjust the freon pressure. If the air conditioner has size of 0.5 PK, then you should fill it with a maximum freon pressure of 60-70 PSI. If 3/4 PK or 1 PK the maximum pressure is 80-90 PSI. But again you should also make this standard based on the amperage of the compressor. Because if the amperage exceeds the existing limit, the compressor may overload or disconnect. For freon pressure R32 & R410 ranged 120-160 PSI. Again use ampere pliers so that you don’t overfill the freon gas. If the air conditioner has 2.9 amperes, then when filling the freon don’t get more than 2.9 ampere. Because if you force it the air conditioning compressor will turn off. If charging is complete, then make sure you check the indoor air conditioning. Feel the indoor breeze, is it cold enough. After all the freon filling process has been completed, then remove the manifold gauge hose from outdoor air conditioning uni. Then re-tighten the outdoor air conditioning valve cover. In addition for ac with type of freon R32 & R410 you should first vacuum. This is done so that there is no more dirt and residual water left in the pipe.

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