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Window AC Installation

How to install window air conditioner

proper installation of window ac, good installation of window ac
window ac

Window ac is a compact form of air conditioner. All essential parts are in one unit. We call it as self contained unit also. If you want to get window ac installation at your home or offices. So please remember following points. As we all know that window ac are of two types 1- General Window AC 2- Through The Wall Window AC

General Window Air Conditioner

general window ac, general window ac installation
general window ac

These types of window air conditioners are installed in a window normally. This type of window ac fits in one frame completely outside the window. We can remove and refit these air conditioners easily. So we can use these air conditioning for temporary work. At front it has adjustable grill lovers for controlling air direction.

Through The Wall Window Air Conditioners

through the wall window ac, through the wall window air conditioner, through the wall window air conditionig
through the wall window ac

These window air conditioners are fitted in wall with the help of chassis sleeve instead of window. Some part of ac is inside the room. Cooling capacity of these types window ac is more than general window ac

Working Method of Window AC

window air conditioner working, window ac working method
window ac working

Window ac is fitted on window or on a wall. The part with evaporator is inside the window or room and the part with compressor and condenser is outside the window or room. Fat Insulation covers evaporator housing to stop the heat coming inside the room. This separates the evaporator from sealed unit of compressor. When power switch is on, blower and fan start to move and parts also become active. Blower pushes the room air outside and air from outer reaches to the condenser. The refrigerant vapour flowing in the condenser transfers its heat to the air converts into liquid. Some parts of outer air passes near to the evaporator, the cold refrigerant flowing in evaporator takes heat from outer air and make this air cold. This cold air enters into the room and make the room temperature cool down. Window ac requires 230 Volts. Cooling capacity of window ac is 0.5 to 3 Ton.

Installation of window ac

During installation of window ac remember some important points: 1- First of all unbox the window ac and check for any kinds of external damage. 2- After that check window ac by giving power supply for any kinds of noise. 3- Remove supply lead and separate the unit from cabinet. 4- Make holes in cabinet for wing board angle volts. 5-Put the cabinet in the window and put a wooden piece in the back of cabinet. So that during working the holes in cabinet remained in proper condition. 6- Now put the cabinet in the window and make holes in the window grill for fixing screws and fix the cabinet properly with the help of screws. 7-Put the unit into cabinet and take out the lead towards the ac socket. If required unplug it. 8-Put the unit at proper place with the help of rails made in cabinet. 9-If there is an empty space between ac and window, then cover it with the help of Sponge Rubber Or Plywood. 10- Now start the unit and check for any kinds of absurd sound and vibrations. 11- Adjust the Grill Louvers for proper circulation of cold air.

Care & Maintenance of Window AC

You should keep remember some points for proper working and proper installation of window ac: 1- You should fix the AC well, so that it will not fall. 2- Install window AC like this that the vibrations should be less. 3- Install AC near to the electric circuit, so that long wire in not needed. 4- Do not install AC in sunshine, it can affect its working performance. 5- Use Voltage Stabilizer for regular power supply. It saves AC from electric shocks. 6- Clean the filter regularly after some interval. 7-Get your ac service done by expert professional 2 to 3 times in one season. 8- Get your ac check done by expert ac technician after season and before season. 9- Check AC Dryer Timely. 10- Check for leakage time to time. 11- Check gas level time to time if it seems low the get this charged by expert ac technician. We guarantee our work. Our services are for window air conditioners are Deep Clean AC Service, Power Jet AC Service, Foam AC Service, Dry AC Service, window ac repair.