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Split AC Installation

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How to install split air conditioner ?

split ac installation
split ac installing

Split air conditioners is more popular than window ac. Because its cooling capacity is more than window ac. It looks more beautiful than window ac. We install split ac at that place where we can not install window ac. Split has two parts 1- Indoor Unit 2- Outdoor Unit. Indoor unit is installed inside the room and outdoor unit outside the room. Split ac are of following types such as: 1-Wall Mounted Split AC 2- Floor Mounted or Ceiling Mounted Split AC 3- Multi Split AC 4- Duct Split AC. Split ac installation should be done by an expert professional.

Working Method of Split AC

split ac working principle,
split ac working

Split ac works like normal air conditioners. When power switch is on, electric power goes to the outdoor unit via indoor unit. When room temperature is high thermostat valve starts the compressor. Compressor compresses the refrigerant at high pressure and temperature. This compressed gas converts into liquid after entering into condenser. After that this cold liquid goes to evaporator via refrigerant tubes. And absorb the heat of air near to the evaporator. So that evaporator gives us cold air and the gas in the evaporator again evaporates. This gas again reaches to the compressor. This cycles continuously works until the room temperature goes down to the determined temperature. Thermostat valve senses this temperature and stop the compressor.

Wiring Diagram of Wall Mounted Split AC

split ac wiring diagram
split ac wiring diagram
Installation of Split Air Conditioning
split ac indoor unit and outdoor unit connection
split ac indoor and outdoor unit connection

During installation of split ac remember the following point. 1- First of all do the right site selection for indoor unit in that room you want to get the indoor installed. During this remember some important points such as: (a)- No direct sunlight at indoor. (b)-Indoor unit should be the height of 75 to 120 cm from surface. (c)- There should 3 meter empty space around the indoor unit for air circulation. (d)- There should be minimum distance between indoor unit and outdoor unit. (e)- There should be proper space for indoor unit repairing. 2- Now fix the mounting plate at the selected place. 3- Set the Suction and Discharge Line Pipe with the help of drilling or Clamps. 4- Now Fix the indoor unit on mounting plate and take the pipe and wire to their fix place. 5- Fix outdoor unit at proper place. 6- Check the outdoor unit and fill the recommended gas after doing vacuum the compressor. 7- Connect suction pipe, discharge pipe and wire between indoor and outdoor unit correctly. 8- Now tighten the wire and wipe with the help of tape. 9- Now switch on the system after connecting power supply.

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split ac installing

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